The Idea

Strengthen your network. bglobl helps you.

Have you ...
... travelled the world and wondered who of your friends were also there?
... planned a trip and needed to surf a friend's couch?
... been on a business trip and wanted to see if your professional contacts also did business there?
... wanted to know where the locals hang out?
... traveled spontanously and wanted to have a drink with old mates?
... been wanting to keep track of old friends, even those who have been out of touch?

We said "YES" to all of the above - and more! We wanted to solve our own problems. Challenges people face every day. We wanted to be global.

Why? - Networks matter more than ever, especially in today's globally connected world. With an intact network and more real connections, the world gives you more opportunities. Keeping track of friends in real live, even in the most remote places, strengthens your relationships.

All your friends on a social map at one glance. No other application does that.