bglobl reunites friends in real life

bglobl allows you to see where your contacts have been using location based tags from social networks. bglobl aggregates all the locations your contacts have shared with you, maps them on the globe and allow you to search them. To make your search even more accurate you can combine data from multiple networks.


bglobl illustrates your personal network on a social map. Explore the globe and meet up with your network in real life. Wherever you go, be spontanous - be global.


Using bglobl, you can search places and friends. With the search function, you can plan a trip and couchsurf at a friend's place. To make this search even more accurate, combine all your networks. Already today we support Facebook and your built-in iOS adress book. Once you start to bglobl you can choose with which network you want to link to bglobl. It is that easy. We help you find the people you care about - be global.

Around me

See who of your friends is around you.
Coming soon: Find your local experts who know all your networks hot spots.


All your information is downloaded and stored on your phone. We do not have access to any of your personal information.